Blog May 28th – Acts The Musical – An extract – “Peter’s Miraculous Escape From Prison”

So here is the first glimpse of “Acts The Musical” – Mustard Seed Songs’ forthcoming sequel to Risen! The Musical.
It has been wonderfully produced by our fantastic Musical Director, Joffy Girling -@joffy.james
Many thanks to all who so kindly sang.
From the cast of the film of Risen! The Musical

Johnny Fitzharris who played the disciple James and who sang solo on this virtual choir project
Jodie Quirke who played Mary Magdalene
Katie Forge who played Mary wife of Cleopas
Andrew Dovaston who played John
Casey Lloyd who played Cleopas’ friend
Benny Bright who played Cleopas

From the singers on the Risen! The Musical CD

Alex Knox who sang the part of John
Nicola Poustie who sang the part of Mary Magdalene
Jan Moll who sang the part of Mary Mother of Jesus

From the Portsmouth Gospel Choir

Heavilyn Sarpong
Philipa Brobbey
Natalie Chinambu
From the Mustard Seed Soul Band who played on numerous of our CDs and also in our first musical “His Story”

Lucy Stimpson- Maynard
Ross Gill
Harun Kotch
Mike Backhouse
Jassica Castillo-Burley
Katherine Hands
Fiona Poustie
Jim Rogers
Helen Joy Robinson
John Hodgkinson

From Holy Rood Church – past and present

Colin Prestidge
Tim Prestidge
Gillian Prestidge
Gemma Terry
Scott Rushby
Abi Martin
Sarah Summers
Simon Curtis

And my good friends:

Sasha Kennedy – professional singer
Henry Newbury – ex Crofton pupil – professional singer/pianist with 10k subscribers to his YouTube channel
Kevin Jones who sings in a barber shop group and who is in my Portsmouth prayer group

Quote of the week

You’ll never get to a person’s soul until you understand their hurts.

Ravi Zacharias