Blog July 30th “Max Panks”

Do not let your hearts be troubled – from the album Risen! The Musical recorded and produced by Joffy Girling

These are most challenging and difficult times for us all, but as lockdown eases and most are beginning to return to work – those working in the entertainment industry are still a long, long way off from returning to anything that resembles normal.
Actor Max Panks, who played the part of Jesus so wonderfully sensitively in Risen! The Musical, is an example of this. Max was taking part in musical theatre on a cruise ship when all on board were quarantined off Tampa Bay, Florida. Max had to stay isolated in his cabin for more than 2 weeks and it was much longer before he was eventually repatriated to England.
Max is recording the part of Saul/Paul for our forthcoming production “Acts The Musical”– he also featured in our, soon to be released, second virtual choir video “Still in Tears.” However Max is forging out another career – that of an artist. You can check out his beautiful water colours at
Short blog this week as I am running, for the 28th year, the Crofton Summer Sports Week. Normally we have up to 100 children taking part in all manner of sports and physical activities but this year, in order to comply with government guidelines on social distancing, we have a limited attendance of 40 children aged 8- 13. It’s really good fun but at the same time really tiring !
Quote of the week
“God will meet you where you are in order to take you where He wants you to go.”

Tony Evans