Blog October 30th “A Thought -Provoking Story- The 10th Apple Effect”

“Don’t Be Ashamed of Jesus” featuring the Mustard Seed Soul Band from the album “His Story” recorded and produced by Ross Gill

I am sure that during lock down you will have received many messages via social media – some intending to be humorous, some informative, some challenging and some inspirational.
Here is a video I received – which I hope you will watch, but if not the essence of the concluding part is this story which I felt to be thought provoking.
An old man in Italy had just recovered from Co- Vid and the doctors asked him if he would pay 5000 Euros for the cost of one days use of the ventilator he had been on. When the old man started crying the Doctors reassured him that he did not have to pay the money if he could not afford it. However, the man told the Doctors that he was not crying because he could not pay the money – the money was not a problem. What he then said made all the Doctors cry –the man said “ I am crying because all my life I have been breathing God’s air for free and I have never paid for it and now it costs 5000 Euros to use a ventilator for one day –I owe God so very much and I have never thanked Him for it.
Quote of the week
When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change
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