Blog February 18th “Slow Down”

“When You Walk With God” featuring Harun Kotch from the album “The Season of Singing” recorded and produced by Ross Gill

At a metro station in Washington D.C on a cold January morning, a young violinist played several classical compositions as people rushed by. After three minutes, a middle -aged man slowed briefly, then hurried away. Thirty seconds later the young man received his first dollar: a woman threw it in his case without stopping. Six minutes later a man leaned against a wall to listen for a few minutes then looked at his watch and walked on. After ten minutes a little boy stopped but his mum hurried him along. Other kids did the same, but every parent without exception, rushed them on.
The young musician played for forty five minutes. During that time seven people stopped and listened for a while and twenty gave money as they walked past. He collected a total of $32 about £25 and when he stopped playing nobody noticed or applauded. What is remarkable is this: the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the world’s greatest musicians and he played some of the most intricate pieces ever written on a violin worth $3.5 million (about £2.8 million) Two days before he sold out a Boston Theatre where tickets averaged $100 ((£80.00) to listen to him play the same music as he had played at the Metro station that morning where only one person recognised him.
So, here’s the question: if you’ve no time to stop and listen to one of the world’s best musicians playing the finest music ever written on one of the most beautiful instruments ever made “what else are you missing as your barrel though life?”
Note Joshua Bell played incognito as part of a social experiment conducted by The Washington Post
Taken from the Word for Today Nov 2020

Quote of the week
One man with conviction will overwhelm a hundred who have only opinions
Winston Churchill