Blog April 15th Pastor Patrick of Risen Christ Central Chapel

It is with deep sadness that I write of the sudden death of Pastor Patrick Okoi. Pastor Patrick was a dear friend who ran the church that Mustard Seed Songs’ built in Southern Nigeria- a church they named after our musical – “The Risen Christ Central Chapel” (R.C.C.C.) Pastor Patrick died of a stroke on Easter Sunday. He leaves a widow, Elizabeth and two adopted children. Elizabeth, who is also a Pastor, will continue the R.C.C.C, ministry.
As part of Pastor Patrick’s legacy, Mustard Seed Songs would like to provide water for the R.C.C.C. At present, even to flush the toilets we built, water has to be brought from the town in buckets. Our vision is for a borehole to be drilled and then a tank installed with piping leading to the R.C.C.C. and adjoining toilets.
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Here you can also read Pastor Patrick’s story in full.
Many thanks indeed
Quote of the week
All you need is a mustard seed of faith and nothing is impossible
Taken from Matthew 17:20